Business & Fleet Car Washing Services

Not only do we provide services to the domestic customer, we also specialise in business and fleet washing services.

As a business owner, you will have invested a great deal of money into your fleet, large or small, and we would be delighted to help you look after it.

Whether you are a business with one or two vehicles or a larger company with a fleet of 50, you can trust us to keep your vehicles in pristine condition. 

All vehicles are assured of a first class hand wash, so you have peace of mind that your vehicles are in no danger of being scratched.

Bodywork and wheels will be pre-sprayed, all dirt rinsed from vehicle bodywork, wheels and arches, then foam (with wax and shine enhancers) applied, before bodywork and wheels are hand washed and rinsed.   

We only use Auto Smart chemicals which are environmentally friendly and contain no chemicals to attack the livery on your fleet.

For your convenience we are open 7 days and can offer you monthly invoicing by email. We are also VAT registered.

Contact us and we can arrange to give your business a competitive quote, tailored to your specific needs.

Franchise Opportunities

Looking to become a part of Soaper Stars?

Soaper Stars offers you the opportunity to be a part of our brand.

Franchise opportunities exist within Soaper Stars and we would be delighted to discuss any business opportunities with you.  

Contact Ian on 01738 500 010 for more information.


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